On to 2021...please!

We did it! Well barring any tragic events in the next 12 hours, we made it through the year 2020. I know for me personally New Year’s looks and feels very differently from what it did in 2019. Not because I can’t have a large party or go out to celebrate – I don’t really do those things anyway. The change, for me, is in the emotions and the hope that the new year will bring. I expect 2021 will not be a walk in the park but I DO expect it to bring change and a renewed sense of optimism for not just 2021 but the years beyond.

I find more and more people are being affected by the Covid pandemic. This could be in the loss of a job or income, an illness that kept you or a loved one home or hospitalized, or in the saddest of cases – the loss of a life. I never thought I’d see the day where we shut down the country – the world really – due to a virus. I still shake my head to think of what the last 9 months have brought to our lives. But, I also have seen and heard of so many stories where individuals, communities, neighbors have been kind, loving, gracious, and thoughtful in words and actions. This during a time of such political unrest in the United States. While we are a country divided the good has still found a way to shine through.

That, my dear folks, is what I am hanging my hope hat on. We have a vaccine (yay!), well several of them actually. Travel destinations are opening – albeit slowly and with reduced capacities. Our country is adjusting to ways of living safe in a time where leaving your house may put you at risk. Well I say we have ALWAYS been a population that is resilient and who find a way to take what life throws at us and gets stronger, and better, from it.

So today I challenge each of you – are you one of those people I am talking about? Have you been kind, loving, gracious, and thoughtful to those around you? Have others treated you in that way? Can we each be the bigger person who starts that trend and says I will be kind to you because life sucks sometimes and I don’t want to add to your pain? A little kindness goes a long way and can make a difference. You don’t have to have a lot of money, commit hours of time, or exert huge amounts of effort – just…be kind. Smile – even under your mask – say hello, buy someone’s coffee at the drive-thru, wave to your neighbors, thank someone who you appreciate…find your happy place and exude that joy and kindness to everyone around you.

I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in our world over the next 12 months. We will preserver and grow, and heal in 2021 – I believe it – I HAVE to believe it. Take care of you and be well. And let’s plan for an amazing year! (Oh…and as a travel blog I feel I am required to say it…#letsgothere2021 I can’t wait to help!)

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