A cruise, is a cruise, is a cruise, right?

One of the things most impressed upon me as I was doing the many hours of cruise line training, is that all cruises are not created equal. The variety in ships, destinations, excursion, activities, dining, common-spaces, and staterooms is mind-blowing. It wasn't until I really started learning about the various companies and what they offered that I understood the complexity of selecting a cruise line and itinerary. While some ships are like a theme park at sea, others are quiet - going so far as to limit the number of infants and children on-board to ensure your comfort.

Some of the things you can ask yourself as you prepare to book a cruise are:

What type of atmosphere are you looking for?

How many days can you be gone?

What is your budget?

What is most important in selecting a cruise line? Is it price? Dining options and inclusion of cost in cruise fare? Excursion and ports-of-call? On-board entertainment?

What is the goal of the cruise? To rejuvenate and relax? To experience new culture? To live it up and cut loose?

As you start to define and answer these questions a clear cruising option will come to light. If you need help talking through the options or are just ready to book I'll be here when you need me. Just get in touch and we'll get your cruise on the books. Most offer very flexible payment plans including many that will even add airfare without an upfront payment. It couldn't be much easier!

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